Even the smallest diesel/fuel storage tanks hold hundreds of dollars in fuel inventory. Yours probably holds thousands. In fact, if your in trucking, construction or any other fleet service industry there is a good chance your Profit and Loss statement (P&L) reflects fuel cost as a top expense. Right underneath your personnel costs.

If you are like me, you often bemoan the fact that your lack of influence in the international oil markets means you have absolutely no control over the incremental fluctuation in fuel costs from day to day.

So, unless your parents have kept your inheritance to the Saudi Arabian House of Saud a secret all these years, you'll continue to pay market rate like the rest of us.

Which means every diesel fuel delivery represents a significant investment for your business.

As a business owner, manager, or operator you know the importance of maintaining the value of your investments.

Utilizing proper diesel/fuel tank accessories can help you accomplish this task through accurate measurements, efficient fueling, and ensuring the diesel that ends up in your vehicles/equipment is clean.

Know How Much Is In the Tank (Tank Gauge)

I once knew a diesel fuel delivery driver who had the audacity to question why I always hovered over him while he filled my 10,000 gallon tank...right after he handed me a delivery slip with an estimated invoice amount well above $10,000.

He felt like I was questioning his integrity.

His integrity? Maybe. His accuracy? Definitely.

I don't know about you, but I'm not gonna let a stranger onto my site to pump $10,000 worth of fuel without me or one of my guys there to verify the work. That means taking accurate measurements.

This is where a good Fuel Tank Gauge is crucial.

Fuel Transfer LLC sells an array of different Fuel Tank Gauges depending on your application. You can choose from items like the time tested float and chain method, or a more modern digital design.

Know How Much Gets Pumped (Fuel Meter)

Your tank gauge is also helpful in comparing what is in the tank to how much has been pumped out by your team...Strictly for the sake of accuracy, of course ;).

Fuel meters tell you how much fuel is getting pumped. There are a lot of different applications, and it is important that you have a fuel meter that matches up with your needs.

Keep in mind your flow rate, and then you can select the right fit for you with options like analog or digital readouts.

Have the Right Pump

There isn't much worse for your productivity than seeing a line of vehicles waiting for fuel. Your hose length, flow rate, and nozzle should reflect your operational needs.

In terms of your Diesel/Fuel Storage Tank, you'll want to pair your tank up with a pumping system that is made for your application. Does it need to be mobile?

What kind of power source will it be connected to?

If you need help assessing your needs, please give us a call.

Keep It Clean

Proper filtration is an important step to maintaining your other assets. You may not have control over the product that is put into your tank, but you do have the ability to ensure it is properly filtered before it is pumped into your equipment.

Fuel Transfer LLC, is the exclusive dealer of Cim-Tek fuel dispenser filters. These high quality products filter between 10-30 microns, and help ensure water doesn't become an issue.

Another key solution to helping you keep dirt out of your engines is to utilize a nozzle shield. These are simple and highly effective.

Keep It Safe

Diesel and Gasoline are Class 3 hazardous materials...flammable and combustible. Aside from the monetary value of these materials, their hazardous nature is a big reason to keep your fueling equipment in tip top shape.

Spill prevention is one key aspect. This is why leaking nozzles, pumps and hoses need to be replaced quickly.

Even some things that are seemingly simple to the tank's operation, like the Pre-Vent Cap, are critical to maintaining a safe and compliant fueling station.

If you need more information on keeping your above ground fuel storage tanks compliant, here are some helpful links:

OSHA Fuel Handling and Storage.

EPA Summary of Federal Requirements for Aboveground Storage Tanks.

Don't forget to check out the Fuel Transfer LLC diesel/fuel tank accessories here.