When it comes to camlock fittings & couplings there are many companies you can go with, but why not go with a company that has many years experience that you can trust?

Here at Fuel Transfer, we have been selling camlock fittings for many years and even though they are mainly imports, our foundries overseas are top notch!

In the last couple years now that DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) has become such a prominent combatant to harmful emissions, many of our customers must have DEF on site to fill their diesel trucks. Now, what does this have to do with camlock fittings you ask? Please allow us to explain.

There are two materials acceptable to be used with DEF, one is Stainless Steel and the other is Polypropylene or Nylon. That being said, many of our customers purchase our Stainless Steel Camlock Fittings or Polypropylene Camlock Couplers when connecting their DEF equipment set ups or systems. Many DEF totes also utilize our camlocks for easy connection of hoses & accessories.

In addition to the camlocks, we do sell Stainless Steel Ball Valves that also come in handy for DEF applications. Some of our customers utilize our Stainless Ball Valves and Stainless Camlocks on DEF pump skids or DEF Wet Hosing Mobile Transfer Pump Units that they build and sell to end users. One customer in particular is Tecalemit USA, our fittings and meters can be shown on their equipment.

Please contact us for special pricing on these items. We stock them in all sizes!