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Fuel Meters


Our fuel flow meter solutions come together here and allow you to select from various flow rates or technologies. Most commonly used types are mechanical or digital readout fuel meters. When it comes to technologies, the turbine or oval gear type diesel flow meters can all be purchased directly from our website. We have a variety of fuel flow meters suitable for most fuels, including diesel, bio-diesel, kerosene, gasoline, oil, DEF, heating oil, grease and certain chemicals. Diesel fuel meters are available in several sizes from 1/2" up to 3". The digital fuel flow meter options we have include batteries and on average, dependent upon usage they last anywhere from 3-5 years.

We are always looking for suggestions regarding line sizes or types of mechanical fuel flow meters that are most common in your region. So please let us know if there is a fuel flow meter not shown and we will look at stocking it for your needs.

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K500 Preset Oil Nozzle Meter - 1/2" NPT Inlet (7.8 GPM)

Regular Price: $485.00

Special Price $418.98

NEXT/2 Nozzle Meter with Flexible Hose - 1" NPT Inlet (15 GPM)

Regular Price: $403.35

Special Price $389.03

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